Welcome to Aerial Access

Here at Aerial Access we use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) commonly known as drones to produce photographs and videos with a unique vantage point. Our UAV’s can give you a panoramic view of real estate properties, crops, construction sites, and landscapes.

Aerial Access offers the following services:

  • Create aerial footage for film and television
  • Create photographs and film of special events from above.
  • Provide aerial and 360 degree views of real estate for use as a selling tool.
  • Thoroughly evaluate rooftop damage to homes and businesses.
  • Evaluate energy efficiency of roofs for homes and businesses.
  • Monitor large fields of crops for troubleshooting purposes
  • Monitor progress at construction sites.

We are licensed by the FAA and NCDOT and are fully insured. We are pilots, builders, and consumers with good judgment and common sense. We pay attention to the customer’s needs. Our mission is to provide cost-effective Unmanned Aerial Vehicle services to our customers while putting safety first.

Whether you need to inspect a large commercial building from the air, a small home, a farm, a vineyard, or city layout, we have the tools you need to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.